How do I inform clients about the Business MedBed?

In order for clients to activate a 90.10. Business MedBed installed in the business, they must be informed about the technology and its developer. If this information is missing, activation is not possible.

The information can be provided verbally before the treatment and just as well via information material, such as brochures and flyers, as well as on the business website and by e-mail. The business owner put it freely. It is important that the name of the product is mentioned: "90.10. MedBed". In this context, an explanation of the MedBed's general effect is certainly useful, whereby it should be made clear that it works together with the user's consciousness in order to stimulate the self-healing powers.
Under no circumstances must the MedBed be presented as an independently working medical instrument, because such a statement would not correspond to the fact and would arouse false expectations in the user. 90.10. expressly opposes such statements and healing promises.
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