Can the Business MedBed be combined with other technologies?

This is absolutely possible. For many years, 90.10. quantum technology has been known not only to cope with other forms of energy and all materials, but even to optimize their effect or structure.That is why the 90.10. MedBed can be combined with other products, forms of therapy and procedures in order to optimize and improve their mode of action.

A combination is conceivable, for example, with the following materials:
  • heating pads
  • magnetic mats
  • infrared mats
  • accupressure mats
  • crystal mats
  • health mats
  • warming mats
  • healing clay
  • mud packs
as well as with these forms of therapy:
  • magnetic field therapy
  • electrotherapy
  • acupuncture
  • chemotherapy
  • dialysis
  • hormone replacement therapy
  • hypnosis
  • physiotherapy
  • psychotherapy
  • shock wave therapy
  • resuscitation
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