On how many beds can I install the Business MedBed?

The 90.10. Business MedBed can be installed on one bed at a time.

For example, if the MedBed is needed first on a bed and later on a treatment table, it is possible to switch. However, it is not possible to install it on a bed and a treatment couch at the same time. If the business has several offices, for example in two neighboring cities, which are occupied alternately in the morning and in the afternoon, the MedBed Business can be used in each office, but not at the same time. If it is used at office A, it will automatically not be installed at offices B and C. If it is used at office B, it is automatically not installed at offices A and C. Etc. The switch can be done quickly without any difficulties by uploading a photo of the currently needed bed to the quantum network.

If several MedBeds are to be installed in the company at the same time, it is necessary to purchase the required number of MedBeds.

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