Why do I need a Mobile MedBed when I have the Lifetime MedBed?

The Mobile MedBed complements the freedom you have with the Lifetime MedBed which only works in your home. The Mobile MedBed can also be used outside the places you consider your home. Theoretically, you can make any place your home, but your subconscious will not accept any place as your home. For example, a restaurant, an airplane, a bench in a city park, or even a friend's apartment will be more likely to be rejected. Therefore, the MedBed would most likely not work there.

In addition, the Mobile MedBed eliminates the need to temporarily declare another location as home, install the MedBed there while it is automatically uninstalled in the actual home, and reinstall it on all objects upon return. If you use the Mobile MedBed for a shorter or longer period of time when you are not at home, the MedBeds installed in your apartment/house remain untouched.
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