Why is the usage period of the Mobile MedBed limited to eight hours?

The period of use of the regular 90.10. Mobile MedBed, designed as a low-cost add-on to the Lifetime MedBed, is one month. So it is not limited to eight hours. It is available as a subscription that renews unless cancelled.

If you do not already own the Lifetime MedBed, you will be shown the rental version of the Mobile MedBed. This is basically a trial version, comparable to the 8-hour session. For this reason, it costs the same. However, unlike the session that can be done at home, it is suitable for longer trips by plane, train or car, as well as for an overnight stay in a hotel. You start the usage time whenever you like by clicking the start button in the 90.10. app. Unlike the 8-hour session, the eight hours cannot be paused and continued at a later time. The option of splitting the session into several shorter sessions is not provided for the rental version of the Mobile MedBed.
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