Does the Mobile MedBed also work at home?

The 90.10. Mobile MedBed can be installed and used on objects outside the home as well as on objects inside the home. In principle, it was developed as a Lifetime MedBed add-on and is available to MedBed owners as a low-cost monthly subscription. If you don't already own the MedBed, you have the option to use and test the rental version for eight hours. 

The main idea behind the add-on is convenience. As a MedBed owner, you should not have to constantly re-install the MedBed. If the Lifetime MedBed is already installed on two beds and the couch in your home, for example, you can also use the technology with the mobile version on the kitchen chair, the garden lounger, etc., without having to free up one of the three photo slots available with the Lifetime MedBed. In addition, the Mobile MedBed can accompany you to the office, on public transportation or in your own car, on vacations and on business trips.
The rental version is recommended for people who do not yet own the Lifetime MedBed, primarily for long air, train or car journeys or for an overnight stay in a hotel.
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