On how many objects can the Mobile MedBed be installed?

One 90.10. Mobile MedBed can be installed on one object at a time. The change is, of course, possible and quite uncomplicated. If your smartphone or body serve as a bridge for the installation, tap the object on which the Mobile MedBed is to be installed with the smartphone or touch it and give the installation command (e.g. "This seat is now a MedBed). The Mobile MedBed will then be automatically uninstalled from the object on which it was previously installed.

If you let the Mobile MedBed work over a garment, you don't have to do anything else, because wherever you sit, lie, walk or stand (while wearing the piece of clothing) the MedBed is with you and can be activated at any time, if needed.
With the subscription version of the Mobile MedBed (available with Lifetime MedBed ownership), the technology remains installed on an object for the duration of 24 hours (unless it is installed on another object during that time, as described above). After 24 hours, the technology is automatically uninstalled from the object. However, it can be reinstalled on the same object right away.
The rental version of the Mobile MedBed (without Lifetime MedBed ownership) will automatically uninstall from the object on which it is currently installed after the eight-hour usage period.
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