Can I activate the MedBed for another person?

Activating the 90.10. MedBed for another person is possible as long as the other person agrees to it or wants help from you or needs your help. The latter is thinkable for e.g. small children and elderly or sick people in need of care.

You activate the MedBed for another person by being in the same room as the MedBed and saying, for example, "Ninety Ten MedBed for my son Tom" or "Ninety Ten MedBed for my mother". You can then let the MedBed perform the scan or address any problems. So you could say, "Tom has been snacking too much and has a tummy ache" or "Relieve the pain my mother has in her knee". It works just as uncomplicated as it does for yourself. The MedBed will implement your commands and send quantum energy and frequencies to the person in the bed. The person will accept or reject the quantum energy and frequencies in tune with his or her consciousness. You cannot influence this.
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