Can my family members use the MedBed?

The 90.10. MedBed can be used by all family members. You can install it on up to three beds in your home, for example, on a large partner bed and two kids' beds or on a partner bed, a kids' bed and a couch. The condition is that all three beds are in your home. It is therefore not possible to install a MedBed on one bed in your home, a second in your second home and a third at a friend's home.
However, the use is not exclusively reserved for family members. Friends who come to visit can also activate the MedBed for themselves. In addition, a single MedBed installed on a large partner's bed, for example, can be activated and used individually by both partners at the same time.
Owners of the MedBed also have the advantage of booking additional MedBeds as low-cost annual subscriptions. So if three MedBeds installed in the home are not enough, there is still no need to buy another MedBed.
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