I bought a new bed / moved. What now?

If you have purchased a new bed or moved, follow these steps:
New purchase: In the 90.10. app, open the edit page by clicking on "Lifetime MedBed" in the menu. There you will see the photos of the beds on which the MedBed is installed. Select the photo of the bed that has been retired and click on the edit icon (small pen in the lower right corner). Now you can upload a photo of your new bed. The old photo will be replaced by it. With the photo upload, quantum entanglement is carried out with your new bed and disconnected from the old one. Once the process is complete, you can use the MedBed on your new bed.
Moving: Your beds are still the same, but your home has changed. For this reason, it is necessary that you upload new photos of all beds on which the MedBed is installed, so that the quantum entanglement that was disconnected by the move can be done again. To do this, proceed as described above for the single bed when purchased new.

The video explains the procedure in detail.

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