I don't notice anything. What am I doing wrong?

Don't worry, you're not the only one, and you're most likely not doing anything wrong. Every now and then, people don't notice any changes or physical reactions during the 8-hour test of the 90.10. MedBed. This happens regardless of whether they have been meditating for decades, are  extremely high vibrational persons or experts in consciousness, or have never heard of consciousness work. But let's exclude the following possible sources of error step by step:

First possible error source: photo upload

You upload the photo of your bed via the pCloud upload page. If you repeat the upload, please use a newly taken photo. Do not use a photo that you have uploaded before.

With pCloud, the upload starts when you see the number counting from 1 to 100. The upload is complete when you see "100%". If you don't see that, the upload is not complete. 

Second possible source of error: Communication with the MedBed

Spoken words are perceived more clearly by the subconscious than thoughts or thought words. Therefore: Say (don't just think) the activation command "Ninety Ten MedBed" out loud (in your native language). Then add the command "Scan me".

As long as you have checked and excluded these error sources in the correct order and your MedBed still does not seem to work, the following could be the cause:

Possibility 1: You are distracted

It could be that the MedBed is not working because you are not really focused. Your thoughts might be about other things, necessary errands, an appointment, a trouble, or even just the need to actually go to the bathroom, for example. Consciousness is flighty and very easily distracted. However, it is the key to your much more consistent and stronger subconscious mind, which is connected to the MedBed.

Once the process of energy work is started, "other thoughts" don't bother the subconscious as much, but for starting a session and for giving an order, the focus should be on this so that the subconscious can clearly communicate to the MedBed what exactly it is supposed to do.

Possibility 2: You doubt it will work

You're curious but deep inside think that this just can't work. I you have thoughts like that, the MedBed will not work. Remember, it is connected to your consciousness.

Apart from that: Whether the quantum energy is directly noticeable or perhaps makes itself felt in a level of existence that is currently inaccessible to us (inspiration, thoughts, ideas, compassion or heart energy, synchronicity in daily life) differs from person to person. So maybe it's more important how you feel. If the 8-hour MedBed session feels good to you, great. If it doesn't feel good or like wasted time, then it won't work. Don't let your feelings be influenced in any way, neither by other MedBed users nor by critics, neither by 90.10. nor by prejudices. 

Possibility 3: The MedBed must not be active.

An incarnation can be the reason for the MedBed not working. Various findings indicate that people incarnate to let their soul have a special experience. Very few people are aware of this.

If a soul wants to have the experience of being cared for and attended to, it could create the conditions for this through an illness, an accident, or a trauma. In other words, through a more or less serious physical or psychological injury to the person in whom it resides, it receives the care and attention needed for its experience. To our mind, shaped by logic and morality, this may seem inhuman and be beyond comprehension. The soul, however, can evolve through the experience and finally complete its journey through many incarnations as a master of the third dimension.

If this reason applies, the MedBed cannot and must not be active. Through its connection with the subconsciousness, it knows about the will of the soul. And since this is always and fundamentally a free will, the MedBed must not and will not override it and change the life plan.

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