Can two people upload the same photo at the same time?

From a purely technical point of view, this is possible, but the MedBed would only work with the photo that was last uploaded to the quantum network - even if it was only a nanosecond later.

In short, only one MedBed can be installed on a bed. However, this can be activated and used by any person lying in the bed, not just the person who installed it. Whether that's two, three or more people, the MedBed doesn't care. It opens a separate task for each person who wants to activate and use it.

For the free 8-hour test, it is recommended to first work with one person's test MedBed for eight hours and then work with the other person's test MedBed for another eight hours, the following day or another day. In a household consisting of four people, each person can install the MedBed once, for example, on the couch in the living room. The couch can therefore be used as a MedBed four times in succession.

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