Can I pause the 8-hour session?

Like the free 8-hour test, the paid 8-hour session with the 90.10. MedBed is limited to eight hours. Unlike with the test, however, the usage time can be paused. This makes it possible to use the MedBed for four hours today, for example, and the remaining four hours tomorrow. The session can also be divided into eight one-hour sessions on different days. The days do not have to be consecutive.

Pause a session by clicking the uninstall button on the edit page in the 90.10. app. You can resume the session, both on a different day and in a different bed, by repeating the photo upload (with the old photo or a new one). After the quantum entanglement is complete, as indicated by the 100% upload progress bar, you and the MedBed can continue.
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