Can I order a second or third free test?

The free 8-hour test of the 90.10. MedBed can be done once in the app. If an 8-hour test has already been done before (outside the app) with the previous version of the MedBed, the test can be repeated once in the app with version 2.0. For each additional 8-hour use, the 8-hour session is available. It is not free of charge, but with each session you collect valuable bonus points worth the amount you invested. You can redeem the bonus points for a lifetime MedBed.
It is not possible to repeat the free trial in the app, even if you use a different e-mail address. If another e-mail address is used, the MedBed would recognize in the user's mind that the MedBed test has already been done in the app. The MedBed would then not be installed and would not function, even if the technical display and the course progress in the app give no indication of this.
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