Can I activate the MedBed on a bed that I do not use alone?

Yes, this is possible.

If you share a bed with your partner, you can activate the MedBed installed on it for you and let it work on your issues. Your partner can lie next to you, read or sleep - the energy and frequencies tuned to your needs in your session are transmitted exclusively to you. This is ensured by the ProtectionShield developed by 90.10.

Other people, your partner or your children, but also animals are not influenced by the work of the MedBed. The ProtectionShield adapts flexibly. If you and your partner are in bed together, the ProtectionShield will narrow around you. It is applicable down to atomic particles. This allows two people to even hug in bed while only one of them is experiencing a MedBed session. The other does not feel a thing.

Your partner can start their own session during your session (or before or after). The MedBed will open a separate task for each person using it.

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