Can I pause the 8-hour trial?

It is not possible to pause the free 8-hour trial of the 90.10. MedBed.

The eight-hour usage period runs from the moment you start it in the 90.10. app. You will be asked in a pop-up if you are ready to start. So you can choose when to start the test. You don't have to start the test immediately after installation.
If you leave the bed during the test, for example to go to the toilet, the MedBed will deactivate automatically, but the usage time will still run. Once you are back in bed, you can reactivate the MedBed by first saying "Ninety Ten MedBed" again, then "Scan me now". Afterwards, you can give the MedBed orders as usual or let it seamlessly continue its previous work with the "Resume" command.
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