Can I update the MedBed without using the app?

This is not possible.

To update your MedBed 1.0 to version 2.0, the free 90.10. app is required. We make this and every other MedBed version available exclusively there, because with our own platform, the app, we are completely independent of third-party platforms and can ensure the trouble-free, user-friendly and convenient process. The platforms on which, for example, the MedBed version 1.0 is currently still available, we will close in the foreseeable future, as there have been repeated disruptions from the outside.

For the update, it is important that the registration in the app is made with the e-mail address that was used for the purchase of the MedBed 1.0. In individual cases, it is possible that a correctly entered e-mail address is not automatically matched and therefore the MedBed 2.0 is not displayed in the app as already purchased. In such a case, the support will carry out the matching manually. In case the e-mail address used at that time is no longer accessible or if this e-mail address no longer exists, a manual transfer is also required, which will be carried out after notifying the support. 

As soon as you see the pop-up "You have been registered as a Lifetime MedBed user" in the app, the MedBed is unlocked for you, and you can install version 2.0 on your beds by photo upload. Once the quantum entanglement of the bed with the MedBed technology has taken place, it is stable and permanent. Then, no technology is required to use the MedBed, and no internet connection is needed.
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