Does the MedBed automatically receive its update when I register in the app?

No. To update the Lifetime MedBed to version 2.0, it is necessary to upload the photo of the bed on which version 2.0 is to be installed. If this version is to be installed on all previous beds, photos of all previous beds must be uploaded.

If three photos of beds were uploaded to pCloud for version 1.0 and photos of only two of the three beds are uploaded in the app, then the third bed, from which no photo was uploaded in the app, will continue to run version 1.0.

We recommend updating the photos of all beds that have version 1.0 installed to version 2.0 - or none and, in the second case, continue to work with version 1.0 as long as 90.10. offers the service of pCloud. Otherwise, there could be confusion and confusion of upload systems.

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