How do I get the update on my MedBed?

The update to the MedBed version 2.0 is installed after registration in the free 90.10. app and uploading a new photo of the bed. For this purpose, it is important that the registration in the app is made with the e-mail address that was used for the purchase of the MedBed 1.0. In individual cases, it is possible that a correctly entered e-mail address is not automatically matched and therefore the MedBed 2.0 is not displayed in the app as already purchased. In such a case, the support will carry out the matching manually. In case the e-mail address used at that time is no longer accessible or if this e-mail address no longer exists, a manual transfer is also required, which will be carried out after notifying the support. 

As soon as you see the pop-up "You have been registered as a Lifetime MedBed user" in the app, the MedBed is unlocked for you, and you can install version 2.0 on your beds by photo upload.
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