How long does the money-back guarantee apply?

The Lifetime MedBed and the MedBed Business are covered by a 21-day money-back guarantee. Within this time, the full price paid for a purchased MedBed can be reclaimed.

The money-back guarantee has been adapted to the return behavior of users observed in version 1.0. It was determined that returns are usually made within three to seven days of purchase. The money paid is reserved at 90.10. as long as the money-back guarantee applies. Only then is it released for use in the company (employees, research, project development). The additional two weeks to the usual return within three to seven days after purchase are a courtesy of 90.10. for late decision makers.

To make use of the money-back guarantee, go to your profile and there to "My Purchases". There you will see the "Cancel" button on your purchase for a period of 21 days. The right to a refund expires after 21 days. The button will then no longer be displayed.

For the 8-hour session and eight-hour Mobile MedBed usage, there is no money-back guarantee due to the fact that each session only lasts eight hours. The money-back guarantee also does not apply to the Mobile MedBed available by subscription; however, the subscription can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

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