Why is a new registration required for the app?

The 90.10. app works independently of the 90.10. shop and the 90.10. website. No login data is transferred. For this reason, a new registration is required in any case in order to access the app.

For a smooth process, for example to assign your already purchased products, please use the same e-mail address as in the 90.10. shop. This is important because our app contains a list of all MedBed owners and their e-mail addresses. If an e-mail address matches an e-mail address used for registration in the app, the MedBed is automatically assigned. The user then gets a pop-up saying, "You have been registered as a Lifetime MedBed user." It tells him that the user has access to his or her MedBed in the app. Version 2.0 can then be installed by uploading the photo(s) again.

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