What is the difference between the MedBed versions 1.0 and 2.0?

For the MedBed version 2.0, we have revised the connection of the MedBed technology to the quantum network. This and the application in the free 90.10. app results in a number of advantages compared to version 1.0. Here is a summary of the advantages or improvements.

Technical improvements for ease of use
Convenient photo upload: The upload of the photos and thus also the installation of the MedBed are carried out independently of third-party systems via the 90.10. app. Taking photos can also be done in the app.
Better object recognition: Pillows, blankets, and the like can be left on the bed for the photo, as the system's object recognition has been optimized in terms of correct quantum entanglement.
Upload confirmation: The app provides information on whether the installation of the MedBed on the selected object has taken place, i.e. whether quantum entanglement has been established.
Perfect overview of installed MedBeds: The app shows the photos of all objects on which the MedBed is installed. In addition, each photo can be given a name, e.g. "Bed in bedroom" or "Mom's bed".
Easy change when moving or for a new purchase: If the MedBed is to be installed on a new object, the photo of the object on which the MedBed is no longer needed is exchanged for a photo of the new object in the app via the edit icon.
Safe uninstallation: The photo of the object on which the MedBed is no longer to be installed is deleted in the app via the trash can icon.
Using more than three MedBeds: Additional MedBeds for use at home by other family members can be added at low cost via the app.

Improvements to the performance of the MedBeds
Protection from EMF: With the activation command "Ninety Ten MedBed", the MedBed builds a protection from negative energies and interference effects. The energy and frequencies transmitted during this time are primarily for relaxation.
Optimized energy and frequencies: With the scan command "Scan me now", the MedBed activates its full functionality and transmits energy and frequencies adjusted to the needs of the user.
Unlimited increase of energy: The energy output of the MedBed is no longer fixed to a maximum of 12 million QEPPs, but adapts to the individual need.
Steadily increasing energy: With each session, the MedBed increases the energy output in accordance with the user's needs, so that the effect is always noticeable and the body's own energy level is raised step by step to the next level.
Simple voice commands: With simple commands such as "More energy" or "Double the energy", "Reduce the energy a little" or "Less energy", the output can be controlled specifically and easily.
Selection of frequencies: 90.10. frequencies and other frequencies can be integrated into the energy work by voice command.

Improvements to the 8-hour trial
Clear start time: Clicking the start button in the app starts the eight-hour trial.
Information about the remaining time: A timer in the uploaded photo provides information about the time remaining for the MedBed trial.
Safe uninstallation: An 8-hour test can be canceled by the user within the app. This safely uninstalls the MedBed from the object immediately.
Repetition of the 8-hour session: The free 8-hour trial can be followed by a paid 8-hour session in which the potential of the MedBed can be further tested and explored. Such a session can help with the decision to purchase the Lifetime MedBed.
Pausing an 8-hour session: A booked paid 8-hour session can be paused. It is possible to divide the eight hours over several applications.

The Mobile MedBed
The Mobile MedBed as an add-on: Lifetime MedBed owners can also use the Mobile MedBed outside their home with a low-priced monthly subscription.
Mobile MedBeds for the family: Lifetime MedBed owners can add a Mobile MedBed for each family member living in their household.
No need to reinstall: With the Mobile MedBed, there is no need to temporarily declare another location as home. This also makes it unnecessary to reinstall the MedBed when returning home.
8-hour session: Those who do not own the Lifetime MedBed can book the Mobile MedBed for an 8-hour session and test it for a period of eight continuous hours.

Bonus points
Points to get your own MedBed: Bonus points are collected until they can be used to finance your own Lifetime MedBed.
Points for every booking: Bonus points are credited for every booked MedBed session and every Mobile MedBed.
Points via the Friendship Service: If friends book a MedBed session, a Mobile MedBed or buy a Lifetime MedBed in the app, bonus points are credited.

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