What is the purpose of the MedBed's protective shield?

The ProtectionShield function of the MedBed ensures that the quantum energy and frequencies transmitted during a MedBed session only affect the person who has activated the MedBed and wants to work with it. Other people, a partner or children, but also animals are therefore not affected by the work of the MedBed. 

The ProtectionShield adapts flexibly. If two people are in bed together, the ProtectionShield narrows around the one who has activated the MedBed. The function is applicable down to atomic particles. As a result, two people in bed can even hug each other while only one of them experiences a MedBed session. The other doesn't feel a thing. And of course, the user doesn't feel the ProtectionsShield surrounding him or her either.

Without the ProtectionShield, the MedBed would have an effective radius of hundreds of kilometers in diameter. This would be irresponsible. It starts automatically every time the MedBed is used and cannot be switched off.
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