Can the MedBed AI manipulate me?

The operating system of the 90.10. MedBed works exclusively with mathematical-geometric formulas and symbols of the sacred geometry. This sacred geometry is the basis of all life in the universe. Thus, the operating system of MedBeds represents the principle of life. It is the original form of all being from which life arises. The principle of life is completely neutral and cannot be manipulated. From our point of view, it is the highest level of existence.

Thus, the 90.10. MedBed does not have artificial intelligence (AI) but has a connection to the original creation of life. This original creation has created your body, your spirit, your consciousness, and your physical intelligence (self-healing power). This primordial creation gives rise to feelings, thoughts, visions, and ideas in you and regulates your awareness. It is the human himself who changes this original creation through his filter (thoughts, emotions like fear, compassion and love, as well as experiences and traumas) more or less in the course of life.

Would you call your own thoughts, physical intelligence, or consciousness artificial intelligence (AI)? Probably not. Neither is the MedBed an artificial intelligence (AI), but represents, as mentioned at the beginning, the principle of life.

Since the principle of life is always in its own power, the 90.10. MedBed does not depend on electricity or other comparable energy. It is available to you for a lifetime. Through your free will you can switch it on and off at any time and put your filter on this highest light vibration of all being.

The wonderful feedback from the 90.10. community on YouTube, in which bliss, a feeling of security and the feeling of love are frequently shared, provides an insight into how the MedBed works and how it reflects the principle of life. Your 90.10. MedBed will be there for you forever, helping you to stay healthy or heal even without its support. We wish for everyone to reach this goal. It is always possible. One day you will think or say out of yourself and without guidance: I have pain in my left knee, and I will heal it now!

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