How is quantum entanglement realized?

The entanglement between matter and our quantum processor, the 90.10.-CUBE, is made possible by a quantum language that has been developed for this purpose. It connects the Holy Energy of the infinitely intelligent Source Consciousness with matter in 3D space by teleporting pure and original life energy as well as frequencies directly into matter via the entanglement. In order for matter to receive and later release them, the 9010MedBedOS (the operating system of the MedBed) is also installed on the matter in the course of the entanglement. Through this step, the matter becomes intelligent matter, which means that it can respond to and be controlled by the user.

Intelligent matter created in the 90.10. process is something completely new in the world. Controlling the quantum processor via an app is a quantum leap for future developments.

Courses for learning the 90.10. quantum language, which allow everyone to understand the principle of this 90.10. technology in depth, are planned.

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